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Magento Hosting


Magento Hosting


Renews at same cost



With a 3 -Year Term (44% Savings)


Renews at same cost



With a 3 -Year Term (44% Savings)

Best Magento Hosting Service Includes.

Experience the endless features and benefits of Magento hosting with Profuturehosts.

Fast Magento Launch

Our Magento hosting comes with a built-in 1 click installer for launching your website in one mouse click. Without any technical skills, you can install your dream website within seconds.

Free LiteMage Cache

Experience an outstanding Magento hosting with LiteMage web server in Profuturehosts. LiteMage enhances performance and serves website pages swiftly and without any interruption.

Automated Updates

As you know, a CMS like Magento will release new updates constantly to fix the bugs in the previous versions. In our Magento hosting plans, you can get automated updates for all release that keeps your website up to date.

Magento Server in India

We offer the best Magento hosting in India, having servers located in Mumbai,India, Arizona -USA, St. Louis- USA, Strasbourgg -France (Europe) allowing you choose the nearest location of your business.

Powerful Magento Servers

We host your website in superfast devices that work with the latest quad-core Intel CPUs to enhance the speed and reliability of your Magento website.

Dedicated Firewalls

Always go for more security features! Profuturehosts presents an excellent Magento hosting plan with a dedicated firewall that gives an extra layer of security to your website.

Free CloudLinux

Our shared servers come with a free CloudLinux platform to ensure maximum uptime. Each server and software is fine-tuned for maximum performance and reliability.

Same Renewal Price

Profuturehosts is very consistent when it comes to the renewal of your hosting plans. Most of the hosting providers charge doubles the initial price on renewals.

24/7 Customer Support

Profuturehosts always keeps any customer on high priority irrespective of their plans. Our dedicated support team is always ready 24/7 to solve all of your hosting related issues.